China announces sanctions on US defence firms to counter Washington’s ‘economic coercion’ – Times of India


NEW DELHI: In a move that would further cripple the already tense US-China bilateral relations, Beijing declared on Wednesday that it would impose sanctions on several US defence firms and executives.
The action China said is over Washinton’s “economic coercion” against Chinese companies and its sales of arms to Taiwan.
Beijing has shown displeasure in the past few days due to the close relationship between Washington and Taipei.Lai Ching-te was inaugurated on Monday as the new president of the self-governed island.
China claims Taiwan as part of its territory and has branded Lai a “dangerous separatist’ who intends to bring “war and decline” to the island.
Besides admonishing Taiwan, Beijing also claimed that US sanctions on Chinese entities for “so-called Russia-related factors” in its decision to impose the “countermeasures”.
The defence firms China has slapped sanctions on include Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and General Dynamics.
“The US… has indiscriminately imposed unlawful and unilateral sanctions against a number of Chinese entities… while (it) continues to sell arms to the Taiwan region,” Beijing’s foreign ministry said in a statement announcing the countermeasures.
The US arms sales to Taiwan “seriously (violate) the one-China principle…, seriously (interfere) in China’s internal affairs and seriously (undermine) China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”, the statement added.
Washington switched diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979 but it has remained Taiwan’s most important partner and biggest arms supplier.
(With AFP input)

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