Commanders Draft: QB Jayden Daniels ‘Want to Go Where My Name (is) Called’


The potential starting quarterback of Washington Commanders recently sat down with Shannon Sharpe and Chad Ochocinco on their Night Cap YouTube show and briefly touched on his desires to play for, or not play for any specific team. are expected to take a quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick in the NFL Draft, and according to many people the ‘overwhelming feeling’ is that the preferred target is former LSU and Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jayden Daniels.

“I want to go where my name (is) called,” Daniels said during the interview, and he did not make any additional statements to exclude the Commanders from that list of where he might go after the NFL Draft has concluded.

But is there a team Daniels would rather play for than Washington?

LSU Tigers quarterback Jayden Daniels is looking to parlay a Heisman Trophy-winning season into becoming the No. 2 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Certainly, Daniels’ love of football started like almost everybody’s, as a fan. His favorite team growing up, he acknowledged, was the San Francisco 49ers. A team he knows well enough to realize they have a quarterback in Brock Purdy and having just appeared in the Super Bowl likely aren’t looking to reset at the most important position on the field.

Then there’s the Las Vegas Raiders, and head coach Antonio Pierce, who Daniels calls ‘AP’, who was the defensive coordinator of the Arizona State Sun Devils when he was quarterbacking for head coach Herm Edwards.

“AP just as a human being, he’s the right coach for that team,” Daniels said. “Just him and the intensity he brings. He challenges people. He was challenging me at 18. So I know if I was to go to the Raiders…as soon as I step foot, he’s going to challenge me. He don’t care how high I was drafted, none of that. He going to challenge me every day.”

But the Raiders don’t have the second pick, the Commanders do, and that’s significant.

Ochocinco told the prospect he has a gut feeling Daniels is going to end up in Vegas, but both the host and the player admitted they don’t know how that deal would even happen for the Raiders to move up high enough. Especially with Washington general manager stating publicly the team feels pretty good picking at No. 2.

Daniels’ public relations team was busy over the weekend communicating publicly that any rumors of the quarterback being unwilling to play for a specific team were false, but many didn’t want to believe it without hearing it from his own mouth.

Well, there it is, brieft – but to the point. Daniels is willing to play for whatever team chooses him. Ochocinco is sure that team will pick at No. 2, and that team right now is the Commanders.

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