Elon Musk Dating Taylor Lorenz? Billionaire Responds To Linkup Rumours With Washington Post Journalist


The billionaire in a straightforward one-line response on Sunday asserted of having no knowledge of Lorenz.

Elon Musk has denied dating rumours suggesting that the billionaire is dating Taylor Lorenz. The Washington Post journalist posted a video on TikTok earlier this week in which she was heard addressing the same issue. Lorenz in the reel issued a clarification to the claims made on social media about her having a secret relationship with the CEO of Tesla. In the latest, Musk responded to their alleged linkup.

The billionaire in a straightforward one-line response on Sunday asserted of having no knowledge of Lorenz. “Never heard of her,” Musk remarked to Lorenz’s video reshared by a well-known Conservative social media campaigner Libs of TikTok. The footage in which the journalist in her late 30s can be seen rebuking her relationship with the Tesla CEO went viral online.

“So she basically claims that I had an affair with Elon Musk and I have some like ongoing relationship,” Lorenz said while responding to another video doing rounds on social media spreading the rumour. “I’ve never even f******* met Elon Musk. Okay, I have reported on this man for years very critically. He f****** hates me,” she added.

“He goes out of his way to f*** with me and like interfere with my life,” this portion of the clip sparked several reactions on social media. The journalist cum-internet personality concluded the video by saying “I’m definitely not, nor have I ever had an affair with Elon Musk.” In 25-second long footage, Lorez was all smiles while reacting to the social media rumours about dating Musk.

The tech journalist’s social media account was temporarily blocked by Twitter in 2022, the same year Musk took over the platform.

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