‘India Doesn’t Trust Us’: Nikki Haley Says New Delhi Sees Washington As Weak


‘India Doesn’t Trust Us To Lead’: Nikki Haley Says New Delhi Sees US As Weak Right Now

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Nikki Haley, an aspiring Republican presidential candidate, has underscored India’s aspiration to collaborate with the United States while expressing reservations about Indian trust in American leadership. In an interview with Fox Business News, Haley praised India’s strategic acumen in navigating the current global landscape, particularly in maintaining close ties with Russia.

Acknowledging discussions with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Haley emphasised India’s preference for partnership with the US over alignment with Russia. However, she pointed out a prevalent perception in India regarding American weakness and a lack of trust in US leadership.

“I have dealt with India too. I have got to say, I have dealt with India too. I have talked with (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi. India wants to be a partner with us. They don’t want to be a partner with Russia,” she said.

Haley attributed India’s cautious approach to its strategic interests, noting its reliance on Russia for military equipment and asserting that India views the US as currently weak.

“The problem is, India doesn’t trust us to win. They don’t trust us to lead. They see right now that we’re weak. India has always played it smart. They have played it smart, and they have stayed close with Russia, because that’s where they get a lot of their military equipment,” she said in response to a question.

She highlighted the need for the US to reclaim its leadership role on the global stage and rebuild trust with allies like India, Australia, and Japan. Haley cited Japan’s billion-dollar stimulus initiative aimed at reducing dependence on China as an example for other nations.

“When we start to lead again, when we start to get the weakness out and stop putting our head in the sand, that’s when our friends, India, Australia, New Zealand, all of them will — and Israel, Japan, South Korea — all of them want to do that. Japan gave themselves a billion-dollar stimulus to become less dependent on China,” Haley said.

“India gave themselves a billion-dollar stimulus to become less dependent on China,” she told Fox Business News adding that the US needs to start building up its alliances.

Additionally, Haley voiced concerns about China’s economic challenges and alleged that Beijing is preparing for a war with the US. “Financially, they’re not doing well. You see their government has become more controlling. They have been preparing for war with us for years. That’s their mistake,” she said.

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