Is Washington Trying To Influence India’s Elections? ‘Absolutely Not’, Says US Envoy | Exclusive


Eric Garcetti during an exclusive interview with Times Now

New Delhi: The foreign ministries of India and the United States, last week, did not directly acknowledge the statement coming in from the Russian foreign ministry spokesperson about the West, especially the US, trying to influence India’s ongoing elections. However, United States Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti, in an exclusive interview with Times Now, “rubbished” Russia’s claims.

Garcetti’s response comes after Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova accused the US of meddling with India’s election, a charge that the United States has denied.

“According to the information we have, Washington has not yet provided any reliable evidence of the involvement of Indian citizens in the preparation of the murder of a certain GS Pannun. Speculation on this topic in the absence of evidence is unacceptable,” Maria Zakharova said.

“Washington lacks a simple understanding of India’s national mentality and history, as America continues to make unfounded accusations about religious freedoms. Washington’s actions clearly constitute interference in India’s internal affairs. As for speculations, since there is no evidence, it is not acceptable…They are not respecting India as a state,” the official spokeswoman added.

“Washington’s actions clearly constitute interference in India’s internal affairs,” she further alleged.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs reacted to Russia’s statement on meddling by the West in the ongoing Lok Sabha Elections. Responding to a question by Times Now over Russia’s remarks, MEA spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said that India will not allow any interference by foreign power.

In an exclusive interview with Times Now, United States Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti rubbished the allegations of interference. “Absolutely not. This wouldn’t be the first time Russia would be trying to spin something differently. But nothing, and no country, no matter what they say, can get in between the strength of the relationship, and the growing partnership, between the United States and India,” the envoy said.

Explaining his stand further, the envoy added, “Talk to an average Indian on the street, they know it. Talk to an average American on the street, they know it. One in four Americans is being treated by a doctor of Indian origin. There are 1.4 million Indians who have come to the United States and are now leading Fortune 500 companies, those are the most important global companies in the world, so we know what that worth is.”

“No one is interfering, this is the people’s election.” What I say is that we have principals together as democracies, and a diverse population that share those values together,” he further added.

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