Kevin O’Leary warns protesters will be ‘screwed’ by AI job background checks – Washington Examiner


Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary cautioned students involved in the campus protests over the Israel-Hamas war that they could find themselves “screwed” when applying for jobs from future employers because of artificial intelligence.

“Student protests have been with us hundreds of years. There is always the passion when you are young. What’s different about this time is that for the first time ever — because you think about the protests in the ’60s and ’70s was shot on 60 mm film, very grainy, hard-to-get resolution, particularly at night. But not the case now,” he said on Fox News’s The Five on Wednesday.

The entrepreneur continued, “Everything now is being 1080p or 4K, even the surveillance cameras. Every single image, even at night now, goes into an AI generator and will tell you who that individual is.”

The television personality said he already uses AI for background checks in his companies.

“I hire people. I have a lot of companies. I hire thousands of people. Within weeks, I’m going to be able to — we are doing a background check,” he said.

O’Leary explained that when he does a “deep dark check” on job candidates, he’ll be able to weed out candidates by eliminating the ones seen via AI protesting or burning a flag.

“I can get the same person’s talent in this pile that is not burning anything. I don’t care what university, what you are burning, or whose side you are on, but you’ll never know why you didn’t get a mortgage,” the investor said.

He warned, “[You’ll] never know why you didn’t get into college. [You’ll] never know why you didn’t get the job because we see you now.”

“All you need is to have your eyes exposed with a new 4K image, and for the rest of your life, you’re in this pile. So there’s plenty of consequences for all those people. Even an image that far away, AI can generate who they are by the way the body moves.”


O’Leary added, “I can’t believe the stuff I find in background checks now. These people are screwed.”

In October, following Hamas’s attack on Israel, Harvard University received alumni and donor backlash after more than 30 student groups signed a letter blaming the terrorist attacks on Israel. Billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman and other company executives vowed never to hire any of the students involved in the letter.

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