Man Scales George Washington Bridge In NYC Causing Traffic Delay


Police responding to climber on George Washington Bridge cause traffic delays

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The George Washington Bridge saw traffic plummet into chaos on Saturday afternoon, after one man decided to scale the bridge. This prompted the NYPD to work swiftly and carefully to bring him down. According to the Port Authority, the incident took place shortly before noon. This resulted in delays that lasted approximately 90 minutes, owing to police activity.

Law enforcement rushed to the scene, with officers seen on the south side of the Manhattan tower attempting to coax the climber into safety. The NYPD has declined to offer information on the individual’s identity. This means that so far, it remains unclear if the incident was an act of protest or emotional distress. They disclosed that they were still in the process of engaging with him.

Amidst the flurry of speculations surrounding the climber’s intentions, a spokesperson for the NYPD clarified that there were no apparent signs of protest materials or banners linked with any demonstrations.

As the incident unfurled, traffic congestion quickly escalated. Areas like Fort Lee and New Jersey were especially impacted, with commuters traveling eastbound towards the city experiencing substantial delays. The George Washington Bridge connects New Jersey to New York, and owing to the disruption, authorities were forced to advise commuters to seek alternative routes.

Reports indicate that commuters experienced delays of up to 98 minutes on the upper level and 103 minutes on the lower level of the bridge. Such disruptions are already on the rise, and with Wednesday being no exception, police activity simply exacerbated frustrations.

Citizen App footage depicts first responders on the bridge. As the situation continued to unravel, transport authorities stayed on top of their game. Regular updates were provided and social media platforms issued alerts to keep commuters well-informed about the evolving situation.

Amidst ongoing efforts to bring the climber down to safety, and to restore the flow of traffic, travelers were urged to maintain patience and cooperation.

By Jenel Treza Albuquerque

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