More traffic cameras coming to WA city streets


A recently passed bill is bringing more traffic cameras across Washington state, meaning more drivers could face fines for running red lights, speeding in restricted areas, and not stopping at crosswalks.

House Bill 2384 allows more cities and counties to implement traffic cameras on city streets and work zones to detect speed violations.

The bill states that cities with populations above 500,000 can use cameras to detect crosswalk/intersection violations, traffic obstructions, bus lane violations, and stopping/traveling in a restricted lane.

The bill also allows school buses to utilize vehicle-mounted cameras in counties with over 1.5 million residents. These cameras would detect violations for stopping, standing, or parking in a bus stop zone.

Automated traffic safety cameras could soon be coming to multiple intersections, railroad crossings, school speed zones, school walk areas, public park speed zones, hospital speed zones, and select “priority” locations.

The bill states that the areas where these traffic cameras will be implemented will be clearly marked 30 days before activation.

The bill says recipients of state public assistance will have their first camera infractions reduced by 50 percent. It also requires 25 percent of revenue generated from traffic cameras to go towards the Active Transportation Safety Council.

The pilot program for these traffic cameras will remain in effect through June 30, 2025.


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