NFL Analyst Predicts Washington Commanders to go From ‘Worst-to-First’ in NFC East


The NFC East is an incredibly tough division. The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles are two very, very solid teams that are going to be tough to get through as the Washington Commanders look to make the postseason next season.

The Commanders have had a good offseason, though. They capitalized on the big offseason by using the No. 2 pick to bring LSU and Heisman-winning quarterback Jayden Daniels to Washington as the franchise might have it’s next great quarterback.

Broadcasting during the NFL Draft, NFL Network’s Cynthia Frelund picked the Commanders to be the most likley team to go from the worst team in their divsion to the best team in their division during the upcoming NFL season.

“I think it’s interesting, all the moves they’ve made. They have added so many places,” Frelund said. “Obviously, look, we all talked about Jayden Daniels. But, when you get a defensive player where they got him, [Jer’Zhan] Newton, from Illinois. That is an insane value right there. And then I love [cornerback Mike Sainristil] from Michigan. … I think all three of those to begin the draft are incredible.”

The first three Commanders additions are going to be early-impact players who are going to have the opportunity to see the field plenty right away in Washington D.C. Their draft haul was increidble, and is a great stepping stone to turning around this franchise in a big way. They’ve got solid skill position guys, they added a potential franchise quarterback talent and are buidling depth in needed areas.

“Some of the shots that they’ve taken with potential upside guys late have also been great,” Frelund continued. “They even added some speical teams. I really like what they’re doing.”

Again, it’ll be hard to climb to the top of the NFC East as the Cowboys and Eagles are both increidble teams, but it’s certainly not impossible. A turnaround feels inevitable, and a first leap toward contention feels like it’s coming in the 2024 NFL season.

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