Nuggets: Another Michael Porter Jr. Brother in Trouble With Law After 2 Others Punished for Gambling, Homicide


(Photo : Patrick Smith/Getty Images) WASHINGTON, DC – Michael Porter Jr. (#1) of the Denver Nuggets in action against the Washington Wizards at Capital One Arena on January 21, 2024 in Washington, DC.

Michael Porter Jr. has been efficient and reliable in the ongoing 2024 NBA Playoffs as he helped the Denver Nuggets wrap up their series with the Los Angeles Lakers in just five games.

He is so good that it does not show the tragic events he is dealing with off-court.

MPJ does his job for the Nuggets while his young brothers continue to get in trouble with the law.

Missouri police arrested a third brother for driving under the influence of alcohol.

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Jevon, 20, was booked by the Missouri State Highway Patrol for DUI and speeding in Boone County.

He was immediately released on summons.

Jevon Porter is a player for Pepperdine University.

Jevon’s arrest comes less than two weeks after his older brother Coban was sentenced to six years in prison for a car crash that killed one woman.

Coban was a basketball varsity with the University of Denver, averaging 11.4 points per game during the 2021-22 season.

In the same week, Jontay Porter was banned from the NBA for life for violating league rules on game betting when he allegedly bet on games he played for and limited his participation in one or more games for betting purposes.

Jontay, one year younger than MPJ, played for the Toronto Raptors this season.

He earned around $2.7 million in the NBA. He made around $21,000 in props betting.

How Michael Porter Jr. deals with brothers’ issues 

Although it may not be evident in his demeanor on the court, MPJ is affected by the issues his brothers are dealing with.

In a rare moment, he discussed the controversies his siblings are involved in and thanked his teammates for helping him stay focused.

“Definitely tried to compartmentalize, some bad and sad stuff happened to a couple of my brothers,” he said on April 21.

“But I got, you know, 15, 16 more brothers in here, so I knew I had to be here for them and come in here and do my job and try to prepare to do it at a high level,” Porter said Saturday night after his Nuggets went up 1-0 in their first-round series against the Los Angeles Lakers.”

His teammates are also supportive of him.

Team superstar Nikola Jokic admired MPJ for how he handled the controversies.

“It’s a hard thing to do, but I think when you’re on the court, you don’t think about it,” the two-time MVP said.

“That’s why basketball is such a beautiful thing, that you don’t think about nothing except what’s going on on the floor. Before and after of course the stuff hits you, but we all reached out to him. It’s a thing that of course family is the first thing, but we are some kind of family too.”

Porter Jr. could use more distraction, and the Nuggets definitely need his scoring arsenal.

They now enter the second round of the NBA Playoffs with a home-court advantage.

They will face the Minnesota Timberwolves, who are among the top defending teams in the regular season.

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