Riverside business seeks local support amid Washington Bridge traffic


A man is opening a new deli in East Providence, with the traffic factored into his plans.

Mcshortagee’s Market is set to open on Willett Avenue, where Schroder’s Deli used to be.

The owner, Bill Hurly, said the marketplace is an homage to the Riverside neighborhood his family grew up loving.

“It had been an establishment since 1945. They left about three years ago and since then there’s been sort of a void in the neighborhood,” said Hurly.

He signed the lease in January, after the closure of the Washington Bridge.

The deli will use East Providence and East Bay vendors when possible.

“I’m really looking at the Riverside people. So my fortune is I’m not really marketing to people over the bridge,” said Hurly.

It’s a win for East Providence residents who are tired of the traffic.

“I will not and do not like going the highway, so we do support our local businesses here in East Providence which is nice,” said one resident.

Mcshortagee’s Market is expected to open in early May.

NBC 10’s Erin Coogan contributed to this report.

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