Washington County Grand Jury issues new round of indictments


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MARIETTA — The Washington County Grand Jury indicted 24 people Wednesday on a variety of charges.

The following indictments were issued:

* Marcus Evan MacAuley, 18, Marietta, third-degree strangulation, fourth-degree strangulation, and first-degree misdemeanor domestic violence.

* La’Montae Dushawn Ray, 32, 1628 Carlyon Road, Cleveland, third-degree having weapons while under disability with a weapon forfeiture specification.

* Taylor Cain Mullins, 26, 27 Armstrong Road, Summersville, W.Va., first-degree trafficking in a fentanyl-related compound with a major drug offender specification for fentanyl; and first-degree possession of a fentanyl-related compound with a major drug offender specification for fentanyl.

* Ralph Henry Dobbins Jr., 57, 1025 Tick Hill Road, Lowell, third-degree tampering with records, and two counts of fourth-degree failure to provide notice of change in vehicle information or identifiers.

* Jacob Andrew Layton, 34, 2405 Seventh St., Parkersburg, two counts of fifth-degree improper handling firearms in a motor vehicle with a weapon forfeiture specification; and first-degree misdemeanor operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, a drug of abuse or a combination – OVI.

* Scott Allen Shankland, 54, 401 Marion St., Marietta, third-degree burglary and fifth-degree receiving stolen property.

* Richard Milton Starkey, 65, 2729 Otter Lane, Charleston, third-degree illegal conveyance of drugs of abuse onto grounds of a specified governmental facility, and fifth-degree theft.

* Mark Alan Robinson Jr., 39, 2450 Pleasant Ridge Road, Marietta, fourth-degree failure to register.

* Dawn Bettinger, 57, 16743 Maple Ave., Caldwell, three counts of fourth-degree theft.

* Pierre Ledell Cobb, 43, 225 Sanctuary Drive, Lawrenceville, Ga., fifth-degree aggravated possession of drugs.

* Jonathan Michael Hess, 36, 218 Alta St., Marietta, fifth-degree aggravated possession fo drugs.

* William Joseph Whiteshield, 29, no address provided, third-degree sexual battery, third-degree gross sexual imposition and two counts of fourth-degree corrupting another with drugs.

* Richard Lee Newlend, 40, 317 Hutchinson Road, New Matamoras, third-degree failure to provide notice of change of address, and third-degree failure to provide notice of change in vehicle information or identifiers.

* Linda Inez Leccesse, 30, 101 Market St., Marietta, third-degree engaging in solicitation after a positive HIV test.

* Logan Wesley Grimm, 36, 9160 Veto Road, Belpre, second-degree misdemeanor resisting arrest.

* Karissa Daveen Heddleston, 33, 830 Rinard Mills Road, New Matamoras, fifth-degree aggravated possession of drugs; and co-defendant Austin John Gabritsch, 5/13/95, 368 Valley Manor, Williamstown, fifth-degree obstructing justice.

* Co-defendants Rebecca Leah McMannis, 38, 133 Acme St. Apt. A, Marietta, and Toni Renee McMannis, 33, same address, second-degree aggravated possession of drugs with five specifications for cell phone forfeiture and one for money forfeiture; second-degree trafficking in drugs, with five specification for cell phone forfeiture and one for money forfeiture; Rebecca McMannis also received a third-degree tampering with evidence indictment.

* Timothy Shane II, 36, LKA 345 Broadway St., Middleport, Ohio, third-degree escape.

* Adam J. Hadley, 35, LKA 809 Brentwood Drive, Belpre, two counts of third-degree tampering with evidence; and co-defendant Cecelia Schultz, 24, same address, third-degree tampering with evidence.

* Jacob Tyler Mozingo, 32, LKA 458 E. Ruth Brown Road, McConnelsville, fourth-degree failure to appear required by recognizance.

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