2024 Super Bowl: Donna Kelce ditches stands to sit with Taylor Swift and family in big-game suite


When the week started, Donna Kelce didn’t think she would be sitting with Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl to watch the Kansas City Chiefs, but as it turned out, the two did end up in the same suite. 

There had been some confusion about where Donna was going to sit. During a Wednesday interview on the “Today” show, Donna was asked what the seating arrangement would be in the Kelce Super Bowl box, and that’s when she revealed that — to her knowledge — that she wouldn’t be sitting in a box. 

“You can understand that the boxes in Vegas are multi-million dollars, so I have a feeling I’m not in a box,” Donna said. “I have a feeling I’m in the stands. As far as I know, I’m in the stands with everybody else, because it is a pricey Super Bowl.”

When it comes to Super Bowl ticket prices, this year’s game is setting up to be the most expensive of all time, and that’s if you want to sit in a normal seat. If you want a box seat, you better get ready to fork over a small fortune. 

According to the Suite Experience Group, the company that handles the suite rentals at Allegiant Stadium, a 20-person suite will cost $1.8 million for the Super Bowl. You can also rent a premium loge, which includes eight tickets, for a cheaper price of just $250,000.

Despite those prices, there was no question that Swift would be in a suite and she was joined by Travis’ brother Jason Kelce, among others. 

Swift made it to the game after flying from Tokyo to Los Angeles on Saturday night before making a the trip to Las Vegas on Sunday. 

As for Donna, she was sitting alone at one point on Super Bowl Sunday, but she was in the same suite as her son and Taylor. 

By the time the game started, Donna was hanging out with everyone.

Although Donna said she would be in the stands, it became pretty clear this week that Swift and the Kelce family would be getting a suite together. During the latest episode of “The New Heights” podcast, Travis made it sound like he had already spent a small fortune on Super Bowl tickets. 

“I’m not really doing much different other than just counting how much money I’m spending on this damn Super Bowl for family and friends to come,” Travis said, via SI.com. “Just making sure I’m on top of those finances and losing all this money.”

If Donna thought she was going to be sitting in the stands earlier this week, but got surprised with a suite, she wouldn’t be the only one because that’s what happened with Christian McCaffrey’s family. 

At one point last week, McCaffrey’s mom, Lisa, said her family wouldn’t be sitting in a box because it was too expensive. 

“We looked into a suite and none of us can afford it,” Lisa said on the “Your Mom” podcast with Ashley Adamson, via the New York Post. “Not even Christian, money bags over there — nor money bags Olivia [Culpo]. … So, we’re not in a suite, I’ll tell you that right now.”

A few days after Lisa’s comments, Christian’s fiancée (Olivia Culpo) announced that she was going to surprise Lisa by getting the family a box at the Super Bowl. However, those plans got shot down by Christian, who said he’s not going to let Culpo pay for a box. 

“She tried to, but I will not let anybody pay to watch me play,” McCaffrey told ExtraTV when asked if Olivia had purchased a box for the family. 

It’s unclear if this means that Christian will be paying for the box or if everyone will be sitting in the stands, but all we know is that the Kelces got things sorted out in time for the Super Bowl, which is airing on CBS (the game is also being broadcast on Nickelodeon and streamed on Paramount+). 

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