Advice | This free line-cutting app could save you hours at the airport


Mobile Passport and Global Entry both promise a faster airport experience. Both also come with pros and cons.

One MPC downside: Although it’s free to use and rarely has a line of more than a few travelers, it’s not at every airport. And Mobile Passport lanes may not always be available even in places that claim to offer it.

CBP spokeswoman Corey Daboin said the agency is aware of that problem. Sometimes, issues are due to infrastructure constraints — some airports may not have the lanes available to operate MPC continuously — or management. The agency stresses, however, that Mobile Passport is a priority, and “we are working on making that so it’s not an issue moving forward,” Daboin said.

If you fly internationally and your home airport doesn’t have MPC yet, Global Entry is a great option. It does cost $100 and requires an application and interview process. But it also comes with a TSA PreCheck membership and is good for five years plus it’s still light-years better than waiting in that endless regular line.

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