Daily horoscope for February 5, 2023


We’re on fire with energy and passion right now! The lively Leo Moon supports active Mars, helping us get things done. As Luna also uplifts sensitive Chiron, we can be aware of our emotions without getting bogged down by them. That being said, when the Moon provokes shocking Uranus, we might discover we’re not as put together as we think. The Full Moon at 1:29 pm EST will probably unleash some drama. Even if it’s messy, it can show us what truly needs attention.

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March 21-April 19

Livening up your friend group might be worth the trouble today. If you’ve been sitting on a fun idea for a while, you’re currently equipped to make a compelling case for it. You may already know that there’s a financial commitment involved, but you can still easily wind up spending more money than you expect. Being honest about that with any potential collaborators is definitely necessary. Even so, your ability to appreciate pleasure is beautifully high — and maybe you can’t put a price on that!

April 20-May 20

Taking a breather from your relentless pursuit of your ambitions may be necessary at the moment. Circumstances can quickly remind you that you have a home life too! This is probably the wake-up call you need to get clear about your priorities. A key part of the solution could involve strengthening your own self-worth. When you take your rightful place amidst the chaos of everyday life instead of hiding behind the competing desires of others, a realistic path forward should materialize.

May 21-June 20

You may be hungry for a stimulating discussion — and you can probably get it. Just remember that you’re more likely to have a pleasant experience when you’re clear about your motives going in. Do you want to win an argument, or do you want to learn something? You can achieve whatever you desire most, but you can’t have everything at once. If you choose to prioritize knowledge for its own sake, you might need to make an extra effort to listen patiently.

June 21-July 22

Money issues could be overwhelming for you at this time. You might feel totally buffeted around by the actions of others who seem more powerful than you are. Consider the possibility that you’re interacting with them in a way that’s not in your best interest. Although you may not be happy to hear a friend’s honest assessment of your situation, they potentially see something important that you don’t. Acknowledging the whole truth, even if it’s unflattering, can help you engage with it productively.

July 23-August 22

Tensions in a close relationship could be running high. With today’s potent Full Moon in your sign, others might view you as the cause of a problem. Although the flamboyant style your sign is known for is certainly easy to notice, perhaps you’re just the one who got caught. Someone else may be at least partly culpable for the conflict, even if they have a quieter approach. Take responsibility for whatever you actually did, but don’t accept blame for any more than that!

August 23-September 22

Your ability to control the flow of recent information may not be as strong as you’d like. As the powerful Full Moon shakes your 12th House of Secrets, something you’ve been holding inside could become known — whether you like it or not! Fortunately, the results of this disclosure don’t have to be as bad as you’ve imagined. There’s more to you than your ability to hold the world together singlehandedly. In fact, people might be relieved to find out that you’re human.

September 23-October 22

Your friends could be ready to see a new side of you. Although you’ve likely kept some of your personal passions to yourself because you assumed others wouldn’t be interested, that’s by no means the whole truth! The thought of struggling to explain a hobby that’s a bit complicated or confusing might also hold you back, but you’re better equipped than usual to be a good teacher. Taking this risk may be exactly what you need to make your relationships stronger.

October 23-November 21

A family problem could become more public than you’d presently prefer. Losing control of your narrative may be nerve-wracking, but it might also be a relief to have others recognize the difficulties you’re dealing with. You’ve probably been under a lot of pressure keeping all the tension inside. This disclosure, planned or not, can help you get the practical support that you require. Let people surprise you — they likely want to help, even if it’s a bit awkward at first.

November 22-December 21

Your beliefs about the big stuff in life could easily slip out in casual conversation today. While the Full Moon blows up your ideological 9th house, you’re hyper-attuned to your stances on the world’s most controversial issues. However, some of the people you work with or hire for practical services might see things differently. Is it truly necessary for everyone down to your car’s mechanic to share all your political and spiritual views, or can you find the validation you seek elsewhere?

December 22-January 19

Throwing money at a current problem might seem like the easiest way to make it go away. When the Full Moon engages your generous 8th house, your heart may go out to someone who’s in need, and you could be in a hurry to relieve your own uncomfortable emotions about the situation. It’s possible that a quick donation isn’t the path to lasting security. Sharing your practical skills will probably require you to invest more effort now, but it can prevent additional trouble later.

January 20-February 18

You might presently wonder what you’ve done to attract a really dramatic person into your life. After all, you probably think you’re too rational and serious for that kind of mess! However, this Full Moon in your 7th House of Others calls you to confront any qualities you’ve potentially suppressed in yourself — and allowed someone else to live out for you. Loosening your belief that you should always be perfectly logical can give you the freedom you need to become more well-rounded.

February 19-March 20

Taking action on something you’ve long fantasized about might be necessary for your peace of mind now. With today’s Full Moon in your practical 6th house, you may need to find out for yourself what’s possible in the real world before you embellish your dreams any further. The thought of having to explain what you’re doing to others could bring on a whirlpool of anxiety, but try to steady yourself and reach out — people can be more helpful than you expect, given the opportunity!

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