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More than a name and a pretty logo, a brand is a feeling — purchased in trust, maintained by consistency, and rewarded with loyalty.

That matters more than ever in real estate, which is an increasingly competitive industry operating in times when people and capital have more international mobility than ever before. In such a climate, alliances between smaller players and powerful, established brands are invaluable to shaping consumer perception in the marketplace, presenting an exciting value proposition for real estate entrepreneurs looking to differentiate their companies and grow their bottom line.

Corcoran has become one of the fastest-growing real estate franchises in the game1, and as Manhattan’s top-ranked brokerage2, Corcoran leads the market in one of the world’s major global real estate cities. Its strength in sales numbers had already postured the brokerage’s own breakout expansions to the Hamptons as well as South Florida’s Miami and Palm Beach regions — three of America’s most influential (and equally international) luxury resort markets.

Corcoran follows a simple guiding principle: Put relationships first and the transactions will follow. The brand’s tagline, “Live Who You Are,” is infused in every aspect of its business, an inclusive human-first approach to real estate that has made it one of the industry’s most luminous brands. From that foundation rises layers upon layers of support, a global affiliate network, and international connections through the backing of Corcoran’s parent company, Anywhere Real Estate Inc., a global leader in residential real estate services.

Through its affiliate program, Corcoran is opening its tried-and-true brand playbook to a select group of independent brokerages around the world. It’s a win-win proposition: regional firms are empowered with Corcoran’s resources, reputation, and a robust platform of proven branding elements, delegating brand marketing, innovation, and other pressure points that require constant ahead-of-the-curve vision a company of its stature can provide. These resources enable affiliate company broker-owners to focus on what they do best: mastering their local markets, mentoring talent, and making deals. In turn, the Corcoran brand is evangelized to like minds in new markets, propelling growth forward for all.

Affiliated companies gain access to Corcoran’s top-flight education curriculum, growth support, and an innovative suite of marketing technologies to streamline operations, from listing presentations to social media advertising to recruitment efforts. This powerful toolkit, framed by an elastic lifestyle brand, is uniquely adaptable across markets – a premium offering that works at any price point.

Stephanie Anton

“I’m proud to have witnessed the significant growth of the Corcoran affiliate network since its inception in 2020. From coast to coast in the U.S. and from island to island in the Caribbean, and soon beyond, our growth is a testament to the power of our brand, the exceptional work of our dedicated support team, and most of all, to the incredible affiliated brokers and agents who now call Corcoran home,” said Stephanie Anton, President of Corcoran Affiliates.

Since its launch in February 2020, the Corcoran affiliate network has grown steadily across the United States and abroad. International growth has been consistent across the Caribbean, though the brand is actively seeking brokerages in other regions — like Europe and Latin America — that align with the brand’s strong culture and values. Aside from growing the overall network of affiliated brokerages, Corcoran is also working with existing affiliates to expand their businesses to new markets.

“As we move further into 2023, I am eager to continue supporting our Corcoran affiliates, and to further our growth through our rigorous process of hand-selecting new affiliates, both domestically and internationally, that align with our special culture and with whom together we have the potential to reach new heights,” added Anton.

Learn more about the Corcoran affiliate network.

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