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For this week that begins, Mhoni Vidente leaves us the details of what destiny has in store for signs of the zodiac.

From the Official channel of Mhoni Videnteon her official YouTube channel, the famous astrologer and tarot reader tells us what this second week of February has in store for us.

Also on this occasion he leaves us the message that the Archangel Michael has for each of us.

Mhoni Vidente: weekly horoscope from 11 to 16 February 2024

ARIES. Week in which to have all the strength to move forward; days to take account of what they have done, be proud of their achievements, recognize their failures and know what they want to do. Lots of work and business meetings. Extra money is coming. They are offered a job in a multinational company or outside the country which is very convenient for them. Improve habits. Study and relax your mind. Three strokes of luck. Extra money and plenty of it. Pay off debts. Joy and passion. They resolve situations that have been dragging on. Feel that the world loves you and continues to grow. They plan a trip. It’s time to make positive decisions and get rid of negative people and situations: let go. Fullness in all forms.

Message from Archangel Michael: Forgive yourself, you haven’t done anything wrong, don’t blame yourself. Try to forgive others and leave behind the situations that drag you down to free yourself from envy and witchcraft.

BULL. Total luck. If they are in a relationship, they ask for commitment or marriage; If they are alone, a compatible love comes. Don’t feel bad, get rid of pessimism and negative thoughts: think that everything will be fine. Week full of work and stress. They get out of the problems they’ve had. It’s time to pay off debts, heal the economy, visit family, and help those in need personally and financially. Days to reflect on what they have done in the past and what they need to be happy in the present and create a better future. They are natural leaders, removing the stubborn, stubborn and explosive aspects of their character. They invite them on a trip. Spend on yourself. Quick solutions to family or couple disputes to avoid bringing negative energies with you.

Message from Archangel Michael: Have faith in yourself as you continue to grow in every way.

Mhoni Vidente tells us what fate has in store for us this week.

TWINS. Week to shine and be happy. It’s time to grow up and start your own business. Follow your intuition. Business trip. Focus on your studies and keep learning. Work results. Two strokes of luck. It’s time to turn the negative into a positive: maintain good habits and change behavioral systems. They receive extra money: they pay off debts. Important purchase. New illusions in love… Surprise. They invite them out. Buy things and indulge in plenty. Firm commitment and/or marriage proposal.

Message from Archangel Michael: Make a commitment to yourself to be happy, to have a good job, to be as successful as you need, and to seek happiness without sabotaging yourself.

CANCER. Strength, courage and determination. This week focus on being successful and on money. Justice and Karmic Justice are on your side: all good things will be rewarded. business meetings; position changes. Get rid of the negative people around you. Focus on being happy. Three strokes of luck. Stop suffering and thinking negatively: get what you want. Every ritual you do this week will work 10 times more for you. New and committed love for what you are alone; marriage or pregnancy proposal for those in a relationship. Unexpected gifts.

Message from Archangel Michael: Take your time to decide and be happy. There is no rush, don’t rush or think too much.

LEO. Week in which we continue to insist on being happy. Be careful what they say and speak, because they can betray you. Week full of work and intensity: make good use of your time. Maintain good habits. Purify body, mind and spirit. Someone close offers you a new project or invites you to work in a foreign company – say yes, these are times to progress and have the abundance you need. They look for past loves, they don’t come back, they close the circles.

Message from Archangel Michael: Be clear about your life purpose. What do you want this week, this year… Write it 7 times. Try to visualize your goals and achieve them.

VIRGIN. Strength, power and determination. This card helps you eliminate all the negative; Get rid of toxic people around you. They advance in their romantic and professional lives. They receive the money they were owed. There are some readjustments at work, but you manage well. Abundance and stability. They have the ability to convince. Those who are in a relationship, pregnancy on the horizon. Next trip. Control your mind and the negative situations that do not allow you to be happy. Leave the past behind.

Message from Archangel Michael: Protect yourself from bad vibes and negative people who want to harm you.

POUND. Ask and you shall receive. Week of achievements and successes. Abundance; money works for them; it feels good. Divine connection with Archangel Michael who helps you in everything. Agreements to evolve. Don’t talk too much at work and don’t give too much importance to those who get angry for no reason, keep them away. Communicate what you want. They discover positive things; They resolve legal issues. Gift. Firm commitment or pregnancy on the horizon for those in a relationship.

Message from Archangel Michael: A situation they expected to be resolved has been resolved.

SCORPIO. It’s time to start growing financially and take the world into your own hands. Very busy week; connecting with people from other countries or cities for new projects. Week of resolving negative or legal situations. They can do whatever they want to be happy. Two strokes of luck. Understand that not everyone is against you, they just think differently – don’t take it so personally. They avoid lawsuits. Happiness.

Message from Archangel Michael: Positive thoughts generate positive situations and results. Get rid of the negative and think positive. Invoke him to resolve negative situations that are dragging on.

Mhoni Vidente leaves us what the message of Archangel Michael is for each sign.  Photo: PixabayMhoni Vidente leaves us what the message of Archangel Michael is for each sign. Photo: Pixabay

SAGITTARIUS. Time to resolve long-standing negative situations, work disputes, legal or family cases. Move on, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work: look for alternatives that give you abundance. Two strokes of luck. They have an incalculable source of energy, they are charismatic, happy, they try to think positively and stay away from the past. Heal body, mind and spirit – this will help you.

Message from Archangel Michael: Decide to be happy now, don’t wait for anything or anyone

CAPRICORN. Don’t stop, keep moving forward. Very busy week; put interest in what they are doing; feeling that you have achieved your goals and giving importance to what is relevant to being happy. Two strokes of luck. The money comes to them: settle banking situations, debts and taxes. Don’t waste time with what isn’t worth it. Marriage proposal or new and compatible loves. Be smarter when you decide: don’t ask for lots of advice. Don’t put so much trust in those around you or in situations that don’t deserve it. Focus on work, study and be happy. Improve habits. Gifts they were waiting for.

Message from Archangel Michael: The result they expected was favorable. Everything will be given to you, ask him to take away your negative energy and envy.

ACQUARIUM. Quick and Easy Money Week: They get paid something they didn’t expect, win games of chance, or sell something important. It’s time to grow and mature. Important gift. Two strokes of luck. Try connecting with the sea and nature for positive energy. New illusions with pleasant loves. Those who are in a relationship have fun, receive a marriage or pregnancy proposal at the door. Passion week. They start a new project or job to feel better. They start a new project or job for the better. Next trip.

Message from Archangel Michael: Focus on your goals and plans to be happy. Release to advance.

FISH. Health, well-being, happiness and stability. Don’t think about anything else or about things that didn’t happen. Don’t suffer so much and avoid negative thoughts that don’t allow you to fulfill yourself. Stability, growth and employment development. This week you make your dreams and goals come true. Keep going, don’t stop for anything or anyone. Don’t give so much importance to negative situations or what others say: give more importance to yourself. A love from the past is looking for you: receive him only if he returns with a proposal of marriage or stability. It’s time for stability and to be happy. Update documents, pay off debts, leave your surroundings and study something related to the spiritual.

Message from Archangel Michael: Believe and trust yourself. Don’t value what they say about you. They will move forward.

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