Monthly Horoscope: Aries, March 2023


The sun in Pisces encourages you to step away from your hectic routine and enjoy an escape. Maybe leave town for a few days and go someplace secluded, or take some time off from work and curl up at home with a novel or film that transports you someplace more magical. Rest can be a big theme for you at this time. Catch up on sleep if you can; your dreams could contain intriguing symbols at this time, and journaling about them may reveal something interesting about yourself. This is a powerful time to explore your psyche in therapy, and Pisces season can also find you exploring your spirituality in some deep way.

Venus meets Jupiter in your sign, Aries, on March 1, making for a hugely romantic atmosphere! Venus is the planet of love and harmony, and Jupiter of growth: Their meeting marks the start of a new cycle in your love life. You can feel especially charming and attractive! Your positive attitude, generosity, and fun nature are making a big impression on others. You could be sharing good news or simply feeling inspired and expansive.

The mood on March 2 is a bit more focused on taking care of business as Mercury meets Saturn in Aquarius: Conversations about commitment are in the works! You and a group may be working toward a common goal, and logical Mercury’s meeting with taskmaster Saturn can find you all hammering out the logistics. Also on March 2, Mercury enters Pisces and you may be connecting with your intuition in some deep and significant way. Secrets could be shared. Puzzles, riddles, and mysteries might capture your attention. You can be called to write poetry or research mystical topics.

The sun connects with wildcard Uranus in Taurus on March 6, which could find you experimenting with an intuitive hunch, seeing if things will work out as you expect or if there will be some other surprising outcome. You could be completing a project, ending a gig, organizing your schedule and routine, or kicking an old habit during the full moon in Virgo on March 7. Pisces season found your mind wandering away from work, but it’s your main focus during this full moon. Responsibility and duty can be themes for reflection. You could be busy reorganizing your desk and decluttering at home. You may be analyzing details and crunching numbers.

In your love life, you can be reflecting on whether you’re feeling supported or like your time is respected. If someone doesn’t text when they say they will or leaves all the chores for you, then you could be making big decisions during this full moon. But if you feel like your partners are showing up for you, this full moon can find you figuring out how to organize things with them moving forward. 

This full moon also finds Saturn entering Pisces! This is certainly one of my highlights of March: Saturn in Pisces can find you setting important boundaries over the coming months around your time, energy, and availability. You may be carving out a more private life for yourself. You might be taking time off from work, or setting certain responsibilities aside so you can more fully devote yourself to a certain task. You might not feel like you have time to waste, and that you want to spend your time doing something meaningful. It would be wise to put the tendency to over-work in check: Take care of your responsibilities, but don’t forget to rest! This could be a powerful moment for inner transformation. You may be examining internal blocks, breaking them down, and reworking your inner architecture, as in, maturing out of old thinking patterns and embracing new modes of thinking. 

You can feel called to spend more time alone, feel very introverted or like you simply need rest. This doesn’t mean you won’t party at all while Saturn is in Pisces—in fact, as Venus connects with Mars in Gemini on March 11, you may get some exciting invitations and find yourself enjoying your social life! But you may find that in general, you’re feeling more reclusive than usual, and craving the transformation that quiet time alone can bring. 

Also on March 11, Mercury mingles with Uranus, which may bring unexpected news and novelties. You could find yourself feeling impatient about issues you’re facing that lack clarity, or which you feel are moving too slowly, as your ruling planet Mars squares off with Neptune in Pisces on March 14. Slow down and don’t make assumptions about how things will turn out! Learning to sit with ambiguity is a powerful skill, and you’re invited to cultivate it now. You can feel more easygoing as the sun meets Neptune on March 15. You may feel spiritually connected at this time, plus Mercury meets Neptune the following day, March 16, perhaps bringing an inspiring message. 

March 16 also finds the sun squaring off with Mars, Venus squaring off with Pluto in Capricorn, and Venus entering Taurus. The sun’s square with Mars could again find you feeling impatient…and ready to take action! Be careful with your words: Mars is the planet of war, and it’s currently in wordsmith Gemini. Venus’s square with Pluto can find you making a powerful move in your career, but you may also be contending with complicated emotions like envy or greed. People’s control issues could be flaring up, and this can be an important opportunity to set boundaries. Venus entering Taurus can bode well for you financially: Negotiations may go your way or lovely gifts could be exchanged over the coming weeks!

Mercury squares off with Mars on March 17, which could again find you feeling impatient—the warning to think before you speak still stands! That said, communications move along very quickly at this time, and there may be a decisive energy in the air. March 17 also finds the sun meeting Mercury and Venus connecting with Saturn: An important realization may come to you in a dream, and a goal of yours may gain financial support! Mercury mingles with Pluto on March 18, bringing an intriguing discussion about your career or long-term goals and connecting you with influential people. 

Mercury enters your sign, Aries, on March 19, which can find you feel especially sharp and witty. You may be chattier, and you could be making some exciting power moves in your career as the sun connects with Pluto on March 20. March 20 is also the start of Aries season: Happy solar return! The sun returning to your sign marks the start of a new year, and new beginnings are the theme of March 21 during the new moon in Aries. On a surface level, you may be giving yourself a makeover, but on a deeper level, the way you show up in the world and interact with people is undergoing an evolution. There’s a new you, and it’s more than skin deep. 

One of the highlights of this month is Pluto entering Aquarius on March 23: Over the coming years, you may notice a major shift in your social life. Perhaps the way you engage with people on social media will change, or maybe you’ll become invested in a group or community that transforms your life. Over the last decade, you may have undergone a phenomenal shift in your career or in your reputation and presence in the public eye. As Pluto enters Aquarius, your impact on your communities is great, and the successes (and failures) behind you can play a big role in how you show up in these communities. 

Your ruling planet Mars enters Cancer on March 25, which can find you busy at home. You may be confronting an issue with a housemate, tackling chores around the house, or even planning a move or renovation. Emotionally, you could be cutting yourself off from the past in some important way, saying goodbye to what was. The mood is bubbly and chatty as Mercury meets Jupiter on March 28, and big ideas are shared. Mars connects with Saturn and Venus meets Uranus on March 30, boding well for productivity and experimentation. An unexpected gift could come your way!

Good luck this month, Aries, and see you in April!

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